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IB Highlights: IB Diploma Statistics

IB Questions of the Week:  

Is my student required to be a full IB DP candidate once they enter 11th and 12th grades?
No, some students decide to be a courses-only candidate and not attempt to earn the full IB diploma.  Remember, all SGS students, once having met SGS graduation requirements, receive an SGS diploma.  The IB diploma is additional. Colleges and universities, if they award credit for IB scores in courses, give the credit regardless of whether a student is a full diploma candidate or a courses-only candidate.  Some colleges and universities may give credit for obtaining the full diploma as well, and some, mostly European, may require the full diploma.  Always check the specific college or university website for information on IB award credit.

What are the school’s IB statistics for the last 6 years?
Below are stats for the last six years since the first SGS IB Diplomas were awarded in 2016.  If you would like information about SGS specifics for particular subjects, please email

*Note:  For some years, you will see juniors registered for exams.  This is not a norm, but was in response to specific needs of our students.

IB Alumni Highlight:
On Wednesday, January 5, there will be an IB alumni panel.  This event will allow our current students and parents to talk to SGS IB alumni who are now in colleges putting the skills they left SGS with into practice.  SGS has organized an IB alumni panel in the past, and we feel that it can be valuable as a resource for students and parents to talk to students who now have reflected on their time with the IB and have a helpful perspective on it.  

The panelists will include:
From the Class of 2020:
Kathryn Moon (attending the University of Pennsylvania)
Marshall Roll (attending Macalester College)
Jocelyn Thew (attending Loyola Marymount University)
Miya Jacobs (attending University of San Diego)
Caleb Flegel (attending Whitworth University)
From the Class of 2021:
Gabi Cunningham (attending Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service)
John DeForest* (attending Dartmouth College)
(*will be calling in remotely)

The academic schedule for January 5 will be shortened for all MS and US students.  The panel will be available for students in grades 6-12 from 2:05-3:05pm in Founders Theater.  Parents who are interested in talking to our panelists and learning more about the IB will have a session from 3:15-4:00pm in the theater.  If you are a SGS parent and intend to attend the session from 3:15-4:00pm on Wednesday, January 5, please email to RSVP.