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IB Highlights: Essays Uploaded!

CORE Highlight: Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge Essays have been uploaded to the IB for moderation by an IB examiner. All full IB Diploma candidates also will have their CAS portfolios completed by Wednesday, March 15. Congratulations to all of our full IB candidates who participate in these CORE components!

CAS Experience Highlights: CAS experiences for all of our Upper School Students recorded this week included donating clothes, participating in the Little Women school play, participating in the Spokane Speed Academy, participating in the Red White and You ski trip, cheerleading, helping with the 5th grade ski day, donating to the Second Harvest Food Bank, helping with the talent show, skiing, participating in track, golf and tennis, and making bracelets.

IB Question of the Week: What are five pieces of advice from a lifelong IB learner?
This answer comes from an IB blog: