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IB Highlights: Designing the SGS Yearbook Cover

CAS Project Highlight: Seniors Maddy Roberts and Stella Brown created the cover of the 2022 SGS yearbook as their CAS project.

Stella says, “I think it was the creative aspect that drew me to the project. I like the idea of doing something artistic that can leave a lasting impact on the community, and when Judi Morgan and John Carter asked me to design this year’s yearbook, I was happy to accept! Maddy and I spent around two months (and many hours) designing and drawing the cover.”

Maddy adds, “We did our art digitally and sent the files back and forth so we could add on to and improve each other’s designs. We also based our designs off of feedback from the class and were able to come up with some really cool ideas and ways to personalize it, so every member of the class was commemorated on the back cover. I have always loved looking at the yearbook covers of past years and seeing all the detail and passion put into them. I wanted to be able to recreate that feeling for the students and make something that would be meaningful to Stella and I and to the senior class.”

We cannot wait to see the cover! Thank you, Maddy and Stella!

CAS Experience Highlights: Creativity/Activity/Service (CAS) experiences for all of our Upper School students (in the US and China) include painting pottery, shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, preparing for the Chinese New Year, helping community service club organizations, performing in The Taffetas, and playing basketball.

IB Question of the Week:
What are 10 reasons why the IB Diploma Program (DP) is ideal for preparation for university?

  1. It increases academic opportunity: research shows that DP graduates are more likely to be enrolled at top higher education institutions than entrants holding other qualifications.
  2. IB students care about more than just results: Through Creativity, action and service (CAS) you learn outside the classroom and develop emotionally and ethically as well as intellectually
  3. It encourages you to become a confident and independent learner: For example, the Extended Essay (EE) requires independent research through an in-depth study
  4. The IB encourages critical thinking: Learn how to analyze and evaluate issues, generate ideas and consider new perspectives
  5. Graduates are globally minded: Language classes encourage an international mindset, key for increasingly globalized societies
  6. It’s an international qualification: The DP is recognized globally by universities and employers
  7. DP students have proven time management skills: Take good study habits and strong time management to further education and the working world
  8. It assesses more than examination techniques: learn to understand, not just memorize facts or topics and prepare for exams
  9. Subjects are not taught in isolation: Theory of Knowledge (TOK) classes encourage you to make connections between subjects
  10. It encourages breadth and depth of learning: You are able to choose courses from six subject groups and study subjects at different levels
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Please refer to the IB page on the SGS website and to the IB Resources page in Powerschool Learning for detailed IB information.