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2020-21 Spring Gala Donor List

Saint George’s School is proud to recognize the following individuals and organizations who contributed to the school’s Spring Gala Fundraiser on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at the Kalispel Golf and Country Club. Thank you so much for your contribution.

Total 2020-21 Annual Fund Gifts Donations: $200,430

Spring Fundraiser

Duff and Maureen Bergquist
Jamie Billings
Zachary Blume, ’98
Gayle and Greg Brown
Kevin and Sarah Darcy
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Henry and Lessly Field
Scott and Carrie Foster
Lynette Georgeson and Ryan Nachreiner
Dan and Angel Gustafson
Frank and Lisa Harrill
Rachel Hildie
Manuel and Vange Hochheimer
Kevin and Melanie Kaiser
Dr. Stephen Thew and Dr. Pam Kohlmeier
Mel and Carolyn Lindauer
Vince and Georgina Lynch
Genevieve Mann Morris ’90 and Dan Morris
Ms. Melanie Mildrew

Francesca Mulazzi and Mike Mills
Aaron and Angela Naccarato
Davinder and Subarna Nagra
Peter and Lori Nicholson, ’69
LeRoy and Brenda Nosbaum
Jill-Lynn Nunemaker
Julie and Taylor Reichel
Lori and Ben Sawyer, ’88
Vernita Scheel
Robert and Maren Scoggins
Ashley and Erich Simpson, ’05
LCDR Carolynn Snyder, ’79 and Maj. Mark Kuhlmann
Ted and Janelle Sousa
Jamie and Elizabeth Tender
Antoine and Mirna Tohmeh
Valerie and Tod Whitman, ’91
Fritz and Katie Wolff, Jr.
Jesse and Sara Wolff