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2020-21 Endowment Funds Donor List

Saint George’s School is proud to recognize the following lists of individuals and organizations who contributed to the school’s Endowment Funds and Restricted Funds from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. Thank you so much for your contribution. Click Here to Give Now

Christine Fellows Scholarship

Elizabeth Welty Revocable Living Trust Distribution

Deena Barber Scholarship

Ashley Brenton, ’00
David and Jill Christiansen
Anna Eilertsen, ’09
Laurel Fish, ’09
Ms. Melanie Mildrew
Peter and Carol O’Brien
Miss Jenni Ross, ’04
Rhiannon Scott, ‘02

McCutcheon Endowed Chair

Susan Hoff, ’63
Margretta Voinot-Baron ’73 and Glen Baron

Errol Schmidt Scholarship

George and Jennifer Johnson
Wenchi Baccellieri, ’00
Lt. Col. Devon T. Christensen, ’97
Steven and Miranda Parker
Chris I. Marshall
Darby Schmidt ’91 and Christopher Thompson

SGS Endowment

Johnston-Fix Foundation

Zobrist Family Endowment

William F. Zobrist III ’71

Restricted Funds:


Lisa Brewer
Addy Rigsby
Twyford Law Office

Financial Aid

Ethen & Kristen Angell
Jordan Apele Ross ‘08
Dorris Avery
Teresa Bicknell ‘85
Ashley Brenton ‘00
Samantha Carroll
Michael & Irene Cruite
James & Eashen Liu Gallina
Glen & Amanda Gavin
Nikki Graham-Brown
Kevin & Terrill Hubert
Ben & Angela Hunter
Gouxin Jiang
Brent & Joli King
Joseph & Lisa Maestas
Paul & Janet Mann ‘55
Niklas Ostersmith ‘13
Richard Petrini
Dale & Jeanne Schillinger
Andrea Voinot ‘73


Hongxia Meng
Pearson Packaging
PMMI Education & Training Foundation
Shenzen Dadalele Culture Communications


The National Society of Highschool Scholars