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2020-2021 Annual Fund Donor List

Saint George’s School is proud to recognize the following lists of individuals and organizations who contributed to the school’s Annual Fund from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. Thank you so much for your contribution.

Total 2020-2021 Annual Fund Gifts Donations: $200,430

Annual Fund - Saint George’s Society ($10,000+)

Scott and Carrie Foster
Johnston-Fix Foundation
LeRoy and Brenda Nosbaum

Annual Fund - The Shield ($2,500 - $9,999)

Duff and Maureen Bergquist
Marissa and Samuel Breeze, ’01
Rodney and Staci Hestdalen
David and Sarah Hill
Greg and Melanie McFarland, ’65
Gerhard and Ann Marie Muelheims Sr.
Matt and Erin Nosbaum

John Roll and Mary Ann Chapman
Ronald and Linda Thisted, ’68
Fritz and Katie Wolff, Jr.
Jesse and Sara Wolff

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Seattle-Sonoran Foundation

Annual Fund - Order of the Dragon ($1,000 - $2,499)

Lindsey Coan-Ford ’70 and Doug Ford
Chris DeForest and Caroline Woodwell
David and Elisabet Edwards
Andy and Cate Emerick
Darrell and Tracy Gonser
Mr. Marc Greenough ’80 and Mr. Steven Park
Jenifer and Jim Gunn, ’90
Dan and Angel Gustafson
Yue (Krystal) Huang, ’20
Michael and Heather Jackson
DeDe and John Keating, ’70
Jerry and Loie Kiltz
Susan Legget and Marcelo Morales
Jianbo (Cliff) Ma ’21

Genevieve Mann Morris ’90 and Dan Morris
Paul Mann Honorary ’55 and Janet Mann ’64
Linda Massman
Angela and Aaron Naccarato
Bud and Sally Nevers, ’72
Julie and Taylor Reichel
Arthur and Robin Rudd
Robert and Maren Scoggins
Jeff and Christine Siems
Nicholas Simmons and Vanessa Baldwin
Julie Stocker, ’76
William F. Zobrist III ’71

Benevity, Inc
Selinger Shone Foundation
The North Ridge Foundation

Annual Fund - Patrons (Up to $999)

Joseph Aspray ’64 and Deborah Kole
Elizabeth and Gerritt Baker-Smith, ’68
Brook Bassett
Dustin and Caitlin Baunsgard
Irene Bayer
Rich Beaven and Michelle Hege
Kristie Bernstein
Frank Betts, ’86
Teri Bicknell, ’85
Paul and Paige Biggs, ’97
Jamie Billings
Tyler and Anne Black
Jessica and Jeff Blackwell
Leslie Blevins
Zachary Blume, ’98
David and Melanie Bot
Chase and Laura Bradford
Matthew and Heather Brennan
Melanie and John Brennan
Ashley and Scott Brenton, ’00
Gayle and Greg Brown
Zeke and Meghan Brown
Cassey and Paul Buchmann
Forrest and Janelle Buckner
Jeffrey and Tamalyn Bunn
Brian and Kayla Canady
Samantha Carroll
John and Elaine Carter
Lynn and Kimberly Cathcart
Ms. Julianne Clark
David and Elizabeth Cleary
Patrick and Claire Clelland
Sharon Colley
Ronald and Olga Cook
Mackenzie Crittenden
Dr. Irene Cruite
Travis Cullitan ’04 and Amanda Parker-Cullitan
Joshua and Jennifer Dalager
Kevin and Sarah Darcy
Jeff Darnall
Ms. and Mr. Jennifer Davenport
Rick DeFord
Dr. Elizabeth A. DeNiro
Steven and Nicole Dixson
Andy and Joelie Eliason
Jeff and Aja Engels
Jai Fei
Seth and Stephanie Feist
Henry and Lessly Field
Fred Fifield
Michael Flannery ’72 and Dean Lynch
Mischelle and Ulf Fulgham
James Gallina and Eashen Liu
Carl and Jennifer Garabedian
David and Melanie Gee
Lynette Georgeson and Ryan Nachreiner
Scott and Sandy Glennie
James and Dana Goeke
Holly Gorman
Gloria Guo

Tim Gustafson
Marc and Judy Hafso
Paige Halliburton
Frank and Lisa Harrill
Joshua Hayes and Lyssa Thaden
Kevin and Sarah Henrickson
Rachel Hildie
Manuel and Vange Hochheimer
Susan Hoff, ’63
James Holtcamp
David Holte, ’01
Eric Horsted and Michael Perry
Thomas Hurst and Victoria Hungerford
Brian Hutchinson and Claudia Ramm
Lindsay Ince
Denie and John Inman
Qingqing & Yanqing Ji
Kathleen L. Johnson
Ruth Ann and Thomas Johnson
Bethany Jones
Kevin and Melanie Kaiser
Shane and Lisa Kangas
Joseph and Mary Kelly
Roshan Khattry and Erica Johnson
Meghan and Klint Kilgore
Brad and Brigitte Kirsch
John and Gudrun Klim
Sarah and Tyson Knudsen, ’99
Rodger and Rita Koefod
Dr. Stephen Thew and Dr. Pam Kohlmeier
Chris Kutteruf and Anita Robinson
Jinhan (Jack) Liao, ’20
Mel and Carolyn Lindauer
Barbara Lycan Crews ’76 and Paul Crews
Vince and Georgina Lynch
Joey Maestas
John and Diane McCarthy, III
Paulina and Jeff McGougan
Kristopher and Kristi McKethen
Sean and Jayne McLaughlin
Beatrice Melichar
Matt and Katherine Melka
Heidi Melville
Stuart and Denette Mermel
Kevin and Patricia Michels
Ms. Melanie Mildrew
Ashley Miller
Kurt Mogensen
Joel and Angel Montgomery
Judi Morgan
Erik Muelheims, ’14
Francesca Mulazzi and Mike Mills
Erika Mullins
Rachel Musser

Davinder and Subarna Nagra
Darin and Joelle Neiwert
Peter and Lori Nicholson, ’69
Jill and Jason Nishimura
Kurt Niven and Jennifer Niven – Shepherd
Katherine Nowland
Jill-Lynn Nunemaker
Lucas S. Parekh
Ryan and Tami Peplinski
Stanley and Jasmine Perez
Mr. Richard Petrini
Mary Phillips, ’70
Kent and Irena Pietsch, ’60
Melissa Pilcher
Brian and Anne-Marie Poole
Albert Poston, ’65
Sean Prien
Nathan and Kristin Pung
Lee Anne Reber
Vijayakumar Reddy and Kavitha Chaganur
Jon and Paulette Rhoads
Mark and Nichoel Rickard
Chad and Addy Rigsby
Gordon and Heather Ritchie
Adnan Rizvi and Ann Seltman
Aaron and Breanna Roscoe
Bjorn and Azra Sande
Renn and David Sanderman, ’90
Lori and Ben Sawyer, ’88
Vernita Scheel
Caroline and Steven Schmidt, ’64
Katherine Scott
Lynn and Rand Sealey, ’60
Scott and Shannon Sevigny
David and Heidi Shannon, ’78
Tony and Lynn Shuler
Ashley and Erich Simpson, ’05
Sara and Joshua Smith
LCDR Carolynn Snyder, ’79 and Maj. Mark Kuhlmann
Eric and Mauriza Sohn
Larry Sorensen
Ted and Janelle Sousa
Barbara Spalding
Rob Sramek and Lily West
Mrs. Connie Stacey and Dr. Richard R. Stacey
Philip and Helen Stanton, ’04
Jamie and Elizabeth Tender
Ken and Ruth Tender
Jeffrey and Peggy Thomas
Antoine and Mirna Tohmeh
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Townley
Jim Tuck and Diane Belyea
Cameron and Annie Turner, ’92
Linda Vignes
Andrea Voinot, ’73
Margretta Voinot-Baron ’73 and Glen Baron
Renee Wahl and Mark Cooley
Jennifer and Scott Ward
Christopher and Karen Watkins
Isaac Werkman ’16
Russell and Sarah Werkman
Michael and Molly Werner
Valerie and Tod Whitman, ’91
Melissa and Charles Willis, ’63
Heath and Megan Willson
Robert Witmer
Kyrie Woodard, ’19
Zhiyuan (Sean) Yao, ’20

AccessLex Institute
Amazon Smile
Box Tops for Education
Davidson Companies
Fred Meyer Rewards
HealthTrust Purchasing Group
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc
Walker Construction
YourCause, LLC

Annual Fund Faculty & Staff

George Bell
Sarah L. Berentson
Jamie M. Billings
Michelle Bledsoe
Gayle Brown
Cassandra M. Buchmann
John Carter
Julianne Clark
Kerry Clark
Seth W. Coleman
Mackenzie D. Crittenden
Joshua Dalager
Jeff Darnall
Jennifer Davenport
Eric Davidson
Rick DeFord
David Demand
Carolyn Denison
Melanie L. Gee
Ronghua “Gloria” Guo
Judy Hafso
Paige O. Halliburton
Joshua M. Hayes
Sarah M. Henrickson
David Holte
Brian W. Hutchinson
Denie S. Inman
Qingqing Ji

Kathy L. Johnson
Shane Kangas
Meghan Kilgore
Brad Kirsch
Jelena Ljubisic
Paulina McGougan
Matt Melka
Judi S. Morgan
Erika Mullins
Rachel A. Musser
Joelle Neiwert
Jill C. Nishimura
Ryan Peplinski
Tami Peplinski
Sean Prien
Mark Rickard
Chad Rigsby
Vernita Scheel
Tony Shuler
Sara Smith
Keith Stecher
Jamie Tender
Elizabeth Tender
James E. Tuck
Jennifer Ward
Michael Wootton
Sam D. Wyss

Annual Fund Board Officers & Members

Michael Senske
Linda Massman
Pam Kohlmeier
Duff Bergquistotton
Sam D. Wyss


Eric Cremers
Jim Gunn
Robert Hammett
Susgan Legget
Genevieve Mann Morris ‘90
LeRoy Nosbaum
John Roll
Kris Schulte
Sara Wolff