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Alumni Giving

Alumni Annual Fund:

Dragon Clear for Takeoff

Now more than ever, giving back to Saint George’s School makes a huge impact on future generations of Dragons and helps “clear them for takeoff” to college and beyond! We are a tuition-driven school, but tuition doesn’t cover all of our operating costs. Because of this, every contribution and every donation goes directly to the operation of Saint George’s School and providing an excellent private education to every one of our students.

Your tax-deductible donation supports Teachers; Student Financial Aid; the Performing and Visual Arts; Athletics; Connecting our Alumni Community and much more.  To learn more about why your gift is so important, click here.

Class Challenge

As an Alumni Community, we challenge each Graduating Class to compete for the highest Annual Fund Participation. No matter your donation amount, your contribution counts towards your Graduating Class’s percent participation. Donate today and help your graduating class be “clear to land” by June 30, 2023.

5x5 Club

Since the 1980’s, a dedicated group of Alumni have continuously challenged themselves to donate to Saint George’s School in increments of $5 per year since their walk across the Graduation Bridge.

This year, we also invite all our Alumni to participate in their challenge to be part of the 5×5 Club. We have provided a Graduation Year to 5×5 Club Contribution Chart below. Your 5×5 contribution counts towards your class’s Annual Fund Challenge!

Thanks for supporting Saint George’s School! We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Alumni Event! Go Dragons!

There are also many other ways to give ranging from future gifts to endowments to employer matching and more.
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