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Power the Dragon

The Power the Dragon Annual Fund is a powerful way to make a direct impact on students at SGS. As a tuition driven school, operating costs are not covered by tuition alone. Every contribution and every donation goes directly towards the operation of Saint George’s School, and providing an excellent private education to every one of our students.

The Annual Fund is one way to help fund some of those expenses without cutting programs. This year, the school’s goal is to raise approximately $615 dollars per student. Since the beginning of SGS, gifts from parents, faculty, board members, alumni and others to the Annual Fund have helped us remain debt free and provide the best possible education for our students.

Gifts directed to the Annual Fund are used in a variety of ways to support and enable programs that nurture our environment for creative, innovative, and top-notch education. We encourage you to participate at any level that is comfortable. So why wait? Make your contribution to Power the Dragon right now by clicking below.

There are also many other ways to give ranging from future gifts to endowments to employer matching and more.
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