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8th Grade Caps Year with Annual Coast Trip

The 8th grade capped their studies with a week-long camping trip to the Olympic Peninsula from May 8-12. See a Photo Gallery of them getting to put their science lessons to work identifying animals in a tide pool and exploring the rain forest.

7th Grade Writes Children’s Stories on the Water Cycle

What better way to learn about the water cycle than to research and write a children’s book about it! That’s what the 7th graders did in Science class, including finding illustrations for each page. You can read their delightful story books by clicking on the links below.

Water Cycle Story Books by:
Alsace Nunemaker
Donovan Bradford
Emma Shimizu
Eshan Reddy
Graham Koefod
Joseph Sudlow
Maggie Edmison
Maylee Ward
Oliver Stabler
Sawyer Hill
Taylor Hestdalen
Zora Townley

8th Grade Posters Explain Synthetic Materials

Know what nylons, basketballs, and glow sticks have in common? They are all made of synthetic materials, as a series of posters by the 8th grade Science class makes clear. You can also see what synthetic substances go into food products such as candy canes, M&M’s, and Fruity Pebbles cereal — just look through their Synthetic Materials Posters!

Summer Camps Open for Registration

Register now for Saint George’s summer camps!  From basketball and soccer to musical theater and Chinese culture, there are a variety of week-long camps that will keep your student active and learning throughout the summer. Please view the List of Summer Camps to learn more about each of the camps offered, then go to the Link to Register.  

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Tracy Gonser at or call 509-464-8830. We look forward to seeing your child(ren) this summer! 

See 7th-8th Grade Production of “Annie” May 23 & 24

The 7th and 8th grade production of the musical “Annie” will bring adorable orphans and Depression-era politicians together on the stage of Founders Theater at 7pm on Tuesday, May 23 and in a matinee performance the next morning at 9am, May 24. Come enjoy an upbeat performance of song and dance!

Musicfest Participants and Award Winners

Congratulations to the SGS musicians who participated in Spokane’s Musicfest Northwest this month:

Sheba Chen – Silver in Piano/Impressionistic division
Solomon Chen – Silver in Piano/Beethoven division
Max Romoff – Gold in Voice/Musical Theater division
Max Romoff – Silver in Voice/Foreign Language division
Yasmine Tehrani – Piano/Romantic division
Roman Zhan – Piano/Baroque, Sonatina, and Contemporary divisions