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2025 Graduation Date Changed

Next year’s Graduation for the Class of 2025 has been changed to Sunday, June 1st, 2025. This will accommodate the IB testing schedule, Memorial Day Weekend, and next year’s track and field state championships.

2nd Grade Wax Museum Presents Living History

Each of the 2nd graders researched a figure from American history, then dressed up and shared what they learned at the annual Wax Museum in the Dragons Den on May 24. See a Photo Gallery of them and see if you can guess which historical figures they are!

View 8th Grade Coast Trip Photos

The 8th grade’s annual Coast Trip to the Olympic Peninsula included camping in tents, finding and recording tide pool creatures, hikes through the rainforest, exploring the beaches, and cooking for everyone. See a Photo Gallery of their adventures on the coast the week of May 6-10.

Lower School Authors Read Their Works

The Lower School students split into groups of different grades on May 10th and each got to read a story they had written for a class project. See a Photo Gallery of students reading all kinds of stories in a variety of rooms around the Lower School.

1st Grade Makes a “Rumpus in the Rainforest”

The first graders performed their annual “Rumpus in the Rainforest” musical in the Dragon’s Den for family and friends on May 15 and 16. See a Photo Gallery of their performance on the 15th, and see if you can tell what character they were by their handmade head gear!

Alumni Career Panelists Share Experiences

Saint George’s alumni shared their experiences after SGS with the Upper School students at an Alumni Career Panel on May 10 in the Upper School courtyard. Hosted by SGS Alumni President Tyson Bostrom ’11, four recent graduates spoke about how their college experiences led them to their current positions in medicine, sales, finance, and the law.

View the full hour-long Alumni Career Panel Video. Here are examples of some of the comments that they offered:

“The worst thing about my job is dealing with people. Unfortunately, in my line of legal work I do a lot of divorces, family law, child custody cases. It also is part of the best thing, which is helping people, helping children, helping families, and so there’s a lot of things that are really great about that.” – Mark Cassell ’09

“What you could start doing to prepare yourself to potentially be in a medical career is get some experience in it. Volunteer in something that you care about. I helped refugees navigate the healthcare insurance system through World Relief.” – Alicia Burns ’10

“Looking back on my time since Saint George’s, what really helped me was all of the experiences I had with the outdoor program and taking part in sports. These are experiences that not everyone has the ability to take part in at other schools.” – Matt Arlt ’16

“I think networking is huge. It still amazes me how many people are so willing to take 30 minutes or an hour out of their day to just talk to you. A lot of people I know are where they are because of reaching out.” – Taylor Sande ’20

Hestdalen Named “Promising Young Writer” in National Competition

Eighth-grader Taylor Hestdalen has been recognized as a 2024 Promising Young Writer by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). The national competition drew entrees from 33 states, and Taylor’s submission earned a Superior rating as one of the top few selected from Washington State.

This year’s NCTE prompt was to think about moments of connection during their experience of the pandemic. Read Taylor’s submission titled, “Unbreakable Bonds.” Independent judges evaluated each submission holistically on content, purpose, audience, tone, word choice, organization, development, and style. Congratulations, Taylor!