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8th Grade Caps Year with Annual Coast Trip

The 8th grade capped their studies with a week-long camping trip to the Olympic Peninsula from May 8-12. See a Photo Gallery of them getting to put their science lessons to work identifying animals in a tide pool and exploring the rain forest.

See 2nd Grade’s Wax Museum of Famous Americans!

The 2nd graders researched and wrote biographies of famous Americans, and then they dressed up as their characters and created a talking “Wax Museum” for students and staff to engage with them. See a Photo Gallery of their event, and see if you can guess who all of their characters are!

Students Talk with Representatives from Jesuit Colleges

Jesuit colleges and universities from across the country had representatives in the Upper School courtyard on May 15 to talk with SGS students about what each school had to offer. See a Photo Gallery of their conversations about schools as far away as New York and as close as Gonzaga!

7th Grade Writes Children’s Stories on the Water Cycle

What better way to learn about the water cycle than to research and write a children’s book about it! That’s what the 7th graders did in Science class, including finding illustrations for each page. You can read their delightful story books by clicking on the links below.

Water Cycle Story Books by:
Alsace Nunemaker
Donovan Bradford
Emma Shimizu
Eshan Reddy
Graham Koefod
Joseph Sudlow
Maggie Edmison
Maylee Ward
Oliver Stabler
Sawyer Hill
Taylor Hestdalen
Zora Townley

8th Grade Posters Explain Synthetic Materials

Know what nylons, basketballs, and glow sticks have in common? They are all made of synthetic materials, as a series of posters by the 8th grade Science class makes clear. You can also see what synthetic substances go into food products such as candy canes, M&M’s, and Fruity Pebbles cereal — just look through their Synthetic Materials Posters!

Kindergarten Measures Bugs

The Kindergarten class practiced measuring drawings of bugs in preparation for measurements they will do when the butterflies in their classroom emerge from their chrysalises. See a Photo Gallery of they using rulers all over the classroom.

6th Grade Creates Camouflaged Butterflies

The 6th grade science class learned how animals disguise themselves to survive, and then colored and hid their own camouflaged paper butterflies around the room to see which ones their classmates could find. See a Photo Gallery of the great butterfly hunt in their classroom!