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Dragons Take Honors at Math Is Cool Masters

Two Saint George’s teams attended Math Is Cool Masters, the State Championships held in Moses Lake on Dec. 2. The 9th/10th grade team (Preston Sevigny, Reagan Heller, Zichun Wang, and Zach You) placed 3rd overall in our “e” division out of a dozen schools, behind only Richland and Wenatchee. The 11th grade team (Ian Reichel, Robert DeForest, and Viviane Simmons) placed 6th in our division, despite being down one player and not having any seniors on the team. See a Photo Gallery of the teams at MIC Masters.

Special honors went to 9th grader Preston Sevigny, who placed 1st out of all students in Geometry from ALL divisions across the State!

The “e” division included larger schools such as Richland, Wenatchee, Mead, Mt. Spokane, East Valley, Connell, Sunnyside, Grandview, and Moses Lake, as well as private schools Sunnyside Christian and Tri-Cities Prep. Way to go Dragons!

FTC Robotics Teams Score at Home Event

On Saturday, Dec. 2nd, Saint George’s hosted the second FTC (First Tech Challenge) robotics qualifying event. Eight local teams, including our own teams 6128 (Dragons 1.0) & 7935 (Dragons 2.0), braved the snowy weather and competed in some great rounds of play. All teams had working robots, and even though there were the usually occasional technical difficulties, everyone was able to end the day with at least one alliance win. See at Photo Gallery of the event, and a YouTube video of a match with Both SGS Teams on the Red Alliance.

With the Dragons 1.0’s working autonomous program and unique intake design, their robot was able to come out with most of the high scores! Both teams held their rankings, with Dragon’s 1.0 (represented by Braeden Bledsoe, Donovan Bradford, Vedant Mahajan, Noah Naccarato, Eshan Reddy, Jasmin Tohmeh, Mysun Ward, Dexter Simmons, and Janie Martinez) ending in 3rd and Dragons 2.0 (represented by Cassidy Clelland, Bentley English, Steel Lindauer, and Mason Foster) ending in 4th!

Their next competition is the Interleague Competition on January 13 at Ridgeline High School, where they will compete against 16 teams from around the region. Winners from this event will advance to State. Go Dragons!

9th Physics Class Tackles Engineering Problems

The 9th grade Physics students teamed up to tackle three engineering challenges in the Upper School Courtyard on Nov. 16. See a Photo Gallery of them building a house of cards to hold up a plastic duck, stacking blocks as high as they can, and holding up a stack of books with only note cards and tape!

11th Chemistry Tests Air Bags for Eggs

The 11th grade Chemistry class tested their “air bags” made of vinegar and baking soda by dropping them from the second floor into the US Courtyard on Nov. 16. See a Short Video and a Photo Gallery of the results, which were not so good for their egg “passengers”!

See Lower School Science Day Activities

Lower School Science Day on Nov. 21 featured a STEM challenge in the Library, robots on the floors of their rooms, and scientific poster presentations. Here are photo galleries of the Kindergarteners Drawing Paths for little robots to follow and Building an Igloo out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Also view galleries of the 2nd and 4th graders Building Igloos, the 3rd graders Presenting Science Experiments, and the 4th graders’ Displays on Invasive Species.