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Galow & Bergquist Finish SGS Careers Over 1,000 Points

Two Dragon basketball players closed their high school careers this winter with over 1,000 points. Even with a Covid-shortened 2021 season, Annika Bergquist finished with 1,027 points and Margreit Galow ended up with 1,036 points.

It’s a remarkable feat for two successful scorers to top that mark in the same season, and only 15 individuals have ever surpassed 1,000 points in the school’s history. One of them isn’t done yet; Galow will continue her playing career at Carroll College in Helena, MT this fall. Go Dragons!

“It is a testament to their work ethic and drive to be the best versions of themselves,” says Brad Kirsch, girls’ basketball coach. “Anni and Margreit have had incredible careers at SGS and will leave a lasting legacy as they move into the next chapters of their lives.”

“I would also say that these achievements, while they are individual, are very much team successes as the team has all bought into their roles which allowed for these girls to flourish! We are really going to miss them next season, but I could not be more proud to have coached these two! They have left an incredible mark on our program!”