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Friday, Aug. 19 Deadline for Back to School Forms

This Friday, August 19 is the deadline for parents to fill out and submit a variety of Back to School forms on PowerSchool. Some forms are for parents, others for students to sign. These include:

All-School Forms:
Student Information and Emergency Contact Card (Parents)
Computer Acceptable Use Policy (Parents & 6th-12th Students)
One-to-One Device Agreement (3rd-8th Parents)
Day-Trip Permission Form (K-12th Parents)

Athletic Forms:
Concussion Info/Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form to Sign (Parents and Students)
Intent to Play Form (2nd-5th Parents or 6th-12th Students)
Code of Conduct Form (6th-12th Parents & Students)

Secondary School Forms:
6th-12th Student Handbook Form (6th-12th Parents & Students)
9th Grade Campout Permission Form
10th Grade College Trip Permission Form
11th Grade Campout Permission Form
12th Grade Campout Permission Form

Please go to the the PowerSchool Login Page to sign in and see the specific forms that you and your student(s) need to fill out and submit by the 19th. Thank you!