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FIRST Lego League Presents Projects at EWU

On April 9th, four teams of Lower School Dragons presented their projects for FIRST LEGO League Explore at the FRC Championship event at EWU in Cheney, WA. See a Photo Gallery of the teams displaying their LEGO builds and posters to show their solutions to cargo transportation challenges.

The four teams included:
The Cool Conveyors: Siena Bayer, Henry Breeze, Maren Cleary, Lina Rhoads, and Luke Rizvi.
Robusta: Elyse Emerick, Mies Shimizu, and Simon Wolff.
Brickers: Maddie Cathcart, Abram Henrickson, Elsa Malik, and Levi Michels.
The LCC (LEGO Cargo Connectors): Maddie Baunsgard, Michael Brennan, Erik Cathcart, and Addy Gonser.

Several reviewers from FIRST came through to question the teams and awarded each with a medal and certificate for their efforts. Afterwards, they were given a tour to see the FRC teams and their robots, and were able to watch the robots compete in the arena! It was fun and inspiring for the “little dragons” to see what lies ahead if they continue with FIRST.

The club organizer, Laura Bradford, would like to congratulate all of the teams for completing this year’s challenge (Cargo Connect) and send much appreciation to the coaches who assisted her: Irene Bayer, Meredith & Toshi Shimizu, Sarah & Kevin Henrickson, Falza Khan, Darrell & Tracy Gonser, Dustin Baunsgard, and Chase Bradford. This club couldn’t happen without your support!