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Fairchild AFB Thanks SGS Students for Their Support

Lt. Col. Rick Gliniak, a recently retired pilot and commander at Fairchild Air Force Base, filmed a video thanking the students of SGS for supporting military members during the holidays with cards and letters. “Cards of gratitude you sent over Thanksgiving the last several years meant a lot to our members and were a great source of enjoyment for us to read,” he says. “Your efforts made them feel supported and proud to serve their nation.” View Gliniak’s Video.

Lt. Col. Gliniak also gifted the school a framed photo of a Fairchild plane refueling other USAF planes while in flight. It was presented by his daughter, 11th grader Audra Gliniak, at the Upper School morning assembly on Feb. 5, where the Upper School watched his video. The photo will be “a thank you to all of you and a daily reminder of the positive impact you can have on your communities,” says Lt. Col. Gliniak. “Go Dragons!”