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Esports Teams Launch Into New Season

The Esports Club had their first few matches recently. The Minecraft roster played its preseason matches with the sole intent of testing their own limits and pre-made strategies in the format of survival games this year. This experimentation paid off with all members having good showings.

“We didn’t really play to win, we played to try out what we worked on,” says Travis (Cakeandicecream) Morris. “The fact that we won a lot is just the desired by-product of our planning.”

A similar method was applied with the Smash Bros team. Their pre-season matches were anything but close, winning 4-0 over Cleveland High school in Seattle. The team’s regular season matches have had similar results, with their match against Cariboo Hill Secondary School ending up 4-2 in favor of the Dragons. “We’ve been studying for several hours each day to prepare for these matches,” says Gibson (5TRAW) Montgomery.

Apart from one opponent at Cariboo Hill, the matches have been dominated by the Dragons. Upcoming matches in Minecraft and Smash Bros will be played on March 1st and 2nd respectively. Smash Bros will face off against Waterville High School. “I hope that a school will threaten our dominance in Esports,” says Gabriel (Patches) Gustafson. “We would welcome a challenge.”