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Esports Teams Finish Season, Super Smash Moving On

Both SGS Esports teams closed out their regular seasons last week, after facing twice as many competitive teams this season as last year. Super Smash Ultimate is moving on to the playoffs after Thanksgiving. Gabe Gustafson (Team Captain), Gibson Montgomery, Ronan Gortler, Eli Sieber, Liam Brennan, and Keelie Halsted finished 11th out of 36 teams in the Pacific/Mountain Region. “The team doubled with new players this year and all of them showed tremendous growth, learning how to play effectively and responsively change strategies against opponents,” says coach Ross Miller.

The SGS Valorant team ended their season 109th out of 151 in the Western Division, which extends all the way over to Colorado and New Mexico. Travis Morris (Team Captain), Matthew Schultheis, Pierce English, Jaden Young, Preston Sevigny, Julius Schwaiger, and Andre Jiang made up the Valorant team. Over half of them started the season ranked Iron or Bronze — the bottom two rankings out of nine: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Radiant, and Immortal. “The team showed a significant amount of improvement with communication and how to change strategies in the middle of matches,” says Miller. Go Dragons!