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Esports Team Handles Challenges

This past week the SGS Esports team dealt with several challenges, reports coach Ross Miller. On Tuesday, the team had to pivot as the rhythm of each match changed. Every player noticed how there were different players in their matches and the pacing of the four games that each played felt off. They play a version of Survival Games where the items are randomized and steadily increase in utility throughout each game. Surviving involves strategizing routes based on where you are placed at the beginning and making quick decisions during engagements.

Wednesday, they had something new happen when playing Super Smash Bros; the opposing team violated the league rules and coach Ross Miller had to settle a dispute. The coach for the opposing team was understanding and the league handled it fairly. The matches that we played before catching the violation were a good learning experience and may prove crucial for post-season.

The team also is learning how to balance practice and schoolwork during the end of a quarter, choosing to hold a “Study Table”. The students decided that it would be a better use of time to work on schoolwork and planning for the last stretch of the season.

They have just three more weeks in the regular season. SGS is currently placed 3rd out of 44 teams for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which puts them in a great position to finish the season off strong.

For Minecraft, Gabe is currently 25th, Gibson 31st, Ronan 69th, and Travis 85th out of 388 players in our region alone. The top 48 players go to Playoffs; there is a good chance Ronan could place 48th or higher if the next few weeks go well.

“I’m looking forward to how we end the season, and I hope our success helps encourage more students to come out next year,” says Ross. The team plays Minecraft on Tuesdays at different times between 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate matches are streamed at starting at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.