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Esports Sponsors Mario Kart Tournament

Senior Ronan Gortler of the SGS Esports team set up a Mario Kart game tournament in the Upper School courtyard last week. “Ronan decided to take on a CAS project for his last CAS experience to give back to the Upper School community,” says Esports coach Ross Miller. He also changed the tournament from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to help more students get engaged — that more than doubled the registrations.

The final match up of the Mario Kart tournament featured:

  1. Nate Henning (12th grade), who won with 60 points and an Ace, getting 1st place in each of the final 4 races.
  2. Max Romoff (10th) had 38 points and a consistent showing throughout the whole tournament including the finals. He just couldn’t match Nate’s experience.
  3. John Nowland and Steph Pan (12th) — 31 points — tag teamed as substitutes for Gannon Sanborn (10th) who couldn’t compete the final day.
  4. Jaden Young (9th) had 28 points and started off strong in the first two races of the finals but ran out of luck in the last two races.