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Esports Club’s Focus Earns High Scores

The SGS Esports Club had a great showing these past two weeks. In Minecraft, Gabriel ‘Patches’ Gustafson scored an exceptional 62- and 56-point match, the 3rd highest in club history.

“I got stuck in a bad spot during 2 games the first match and 3 places the second,” says Gabe. “Honestly, I’m surprised at how tangible our planning has been. If my luck was any better, those could have easily been record games.”

Gabe wasn’t alone. The entire Minecraft team has been performing well, with another high score of 55 coming from Gibson ‘5TRAW’ Montgomery, a personal best. The Smash Bros team has been on a similar streak, winning both their matches vs. Waterville and North Bend high schools. Particularly during the match against North Bend, the team rallied behind Ronan ‘Cytru’ Gortler as he led them to a victory.

“The team has done a fantastic job learning how to stay focused and working through tough matches,” says coach Ross ‘JokeKiller’ Miller. “Additionally, I have seen a lot of growth in how the team encourages each other!”

The North Bend match was truly a nail biter until the end, a 2-1 set where ‘Cytru’ was down twice and was able to claw his way back to a win. This recent victory leaves the Dragons in a great spot this season.

The club is working on building their teams’ sportsmanship and professionalism. Plus testing their equipment for live casting games starting next week. “We will offer a show, guaranteed,” says Gabe.