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Dragons Tops at 4th & 5th Grade Math Is Cool Regionals

The 4th and 5th grade Math Is Cool teams, coached by SGS Mathematics department chair Lauren Boubel, competed in the MIC regional event in Coeur d’Alene on March 10. Both our teams competed in Division Φ (phi). Kayann Puri (4th grade) earned 1st place as the top individual scorer for his grade; other fourth graders on the team are Maddie Baunsgard, Anabee Gallina, and Elyse Emerick.

River Buckner and Siena Beyer (5th grade) earned 1st and 4th place overall in their grade division. They and teammates Gabe Rusin and Addy Gonser won their division (over nearly 90 other teams!) and will compete at the State Championships in Moses Lake on May 6. See a Photo Gallery of both teams at regionals.

Congratulations to our eight mathletes in the Lower School. They were outstanding representatives of SGS!