Photo of the Week – Graduation Bridge

The Class of 2023 lined up on Graduation Bridge before stepping out to receive Kind Words and their diplomas on May 21st. See more images from this annual Saint George’s tradition at

Photo of the Week – Moana Jr.

The 6th graders performed “Disney’s Moana Jr.” on May 4 and 5 in Founders Theater. The Musical that is based on the 2016 Disney animated movie Moana about an adventurous teenager who embarks on a daring mission across the Pacific Ocean to save her people. See photo galleries of the full cast in costume at […]

Photo of the Week – 8th Teambuilding Day

The 8th graders divided into five teams to tackle a series of challenges in the woods above the campus on April 28. The “Rappel” challenge at the Dragon Crag took courage and encouragement for everyone to rappel safely down the 40-foot cliff and then find their way back to campus! See more photos of the […]

Photo of the Week – 5th Grade Immigrants

After researching immigrant lives from the early 20th century, the 5th graders dressed up as immigrants from Europe and walked through an Ellis Island simulation where family members and SGS staff played the immigration officials. See more images of their experience, from entering the system to (hopefully) becoming new Americans, at

Photo of the Week – Light in the Dark

9th grade Physics students observed lights in a dark classroom to understand light’s different properties and how the brain-eye system perceives color. See more images of them comparing the colors of LED lights with and without Diffraction Glasses that separate all the colors of light at

Photo of the Week – Climbing Smith Rocks

The Outdoor Club organized a spring break trip to Smith Rocks in Eastern Oregon to spend a week climbing some remarkable rock faces. See more of their vertical adventures at

Photo of the Week – Moose on Campus

A pair of moose spent the morning munching on brush near the river and then checked out the green weeds growing in the stream next to the Middle School. See more images of the large herbivores who travel along the Little Spokane River at

Photo of the Week – Pi Day

On March 14, the Middle School celebrated Pi Day (3.14) with lots of slices of pie and the challenge of reciting as many digits of Pi as you can memorize. Some students recited them in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, but the winner was Dua Shahbaz who recited (in English) 125 digits of Pi! See more […]

Photo of the Week – 3rd Grade Music

The 3rd graders received new recorders in their music class on March 8th. See more photos of them learning to play their new instruments at

Photo of the Week – Robotics

Contemplating an electrical system challenge on the SGS FRC Team 1595 robot during a competition in Clackamas, Oregon. See more images of the team at this competition at