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5th Grade Hosts Art Gallery

The 5th graders presented their end-of-year Art Exhibit on May 31 in the Arts Building. See a Photo Gallery of the culmination of a full year of arts education for […]

See May Term Film Class Videos

The May Term “Film Class” presented seven student-created videos at the May Term Presentations on June 5, 2024. From stunning aerial shots of the campus to a mad scientist who […]

May Term Dance Class Performs

The May Term Dance Class performed three different dances as part of the May Term Presentations on June 5 in Founders Theater. See YouTube videos of their Hip Hop Dance, […]

May Term “Festival” Gets Creative

The May Term Festival Class displayed some of their creations from the previous couple weeks on the last day of May Term. See a Photo Gallery that includes posters of […]

Photos from 5th Musical “Honk Jr.”

The 5th grade’s spring musical was Honk Jr., a retelling of the story of the Ugly Duckling, performed in Founders Theater on May 17. See a Photo Gallery of images […]

Art Gallery Hosts Junior IB Installation

The Upper School Art Gallery is presenting the 11th grade IB Art students’ practice exhibit at the end of May. See a Photo Gallery of their different artistic styles and […]

8th Grade’s Conceptual Self-Portraits

The 8th grade art class has created conceptual self-portraits in the style of artist Tom Friedman by cutting apart four printed self portraits and then collaging them back together. See […]

4th Grade’s Northwest Animal Drawings

It took the 4th graders about three months to complete these drawings of animals native to the Pacific Northwest. See a Photo Gallery of the animals they researched in the […]