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Weekly Division Head Letters Now Available

Weekly letters to parents from Lower School Head Rick Petrini, Middle School Head Joelle Neiwert, and Upper School Head Nathan Lill are now available on the website. Just click on […]

11th Chemistry Tests Air Bags for Eggs

The 11th grade Chemistry class tested their “air bags” made of vinegar and baking soda by dropping them from the second floor into the US Courtyard on Nov. 16. See […]

See Lower School Science Day Activities

Lower School Science Day on Nov. 21 featured a STEM challenge in the Library, robots on the floors of their rooms, and scientific poster presentations. Here are photo galleries of […]

IB Highlights: Learner Profile Traits

The Upper School Courtyard has a new addition — the 10 International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile traits have been added just under the 2nd floor railing. (See a Photo Gallery […]

Faculty & Staff Awards Announced

Congratulations to the four SGS Dragons who received well-earned awards at the All-School Assembly on Nov. 20 in Founders Theater. See a Photo Gallery of the award winners, who are: […]

SGS Hosts Chess Tournament

Eleven Saint George’s students were part of the 37 competing at the Pilgrim’s Progress chess tournament at SGS on Saturday, November 18. Eshan Reddy scored a perfect 5.0 to win […]

Chinese After School Club Activities

Chinese Culture Club is one of the After School Enrichment offerings for Lower School students this fall. View a Photo Gallery of them reading a story in Chinese, playing a […]

After School Club Explores Fun Science

Science Club is one of the After School Enrichment offerings for Lower School students this fall. See a Photo Gallery of them making a marker stick figure float to the […]

6th Grade Brainstorms Genius Hour Ideas

The 6th graders recently spent time brainstorming their interests and narrowing down potential ideas for Genius Hour projects. They wrote on tables about changes they would like to make in […]