Category: Middle School Events
Starts: 12/07/17 1:45 PM
Ends: 6:00 PM

Outdoor Club for MS and US students.  MS students will leave at 1:45 and US students will leave at 3:15.  See Melanie Mildrew or Jim Tuck with any questions. Sign-up sheets will be posted in each division.  

Outdoor Club to Wild Walls on Thursday, November 30th and to The Bloc Yard on Thursday, December 7th, 2017.  
You need to fill out this waiver to ride with us.  If you are meeting us there, you need to let Melanie know. You need a Wild Walls waiver to climb there and may fill that out at:
You need the Bloc Yard waiver to climb there and may fill that out at:
We may only accommodate 7 MS students who will leave at 1:45 and then 7 US who will leave at 3:15.  Permission slips are due the Tuesday before we leave and we may open it up to more students  in each division depending on demand and transportation needs.
Parents need to pick their child up from Wild Walls or the Bloc Yard by 6:00pm.  If US students plan to stay longer to climb, parents need to understand that the chaperones will be leaving shortly after 6pm.