Category: Middle School Events
Starts: 05/13/19
Ends: 05/17/19
Location: Middle School Courtyard

Oliver Ling is running this drive.  Please see him with any questions.

The organization is the 300 Boodle Brigade-Spokane. It is an organization that collects items to fill care packages that are sent to deployed service members all around the world.  The contact person is Dawn Worrall, and her number is 509-991-1943. We are helping this organization in order to aid a group of people I care about, which are members of our military serving our country. 
The items that we will be collecting are toiletry items to fill the care packages that are sent out to the troops. In a drive at St. George's we would collect razors, shave cream in non-aerosol packages (found on  Amazon), sample sizes of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, small packages of wet wipes, eye drops, eyeglass cleaner packets and dry cloths, small boxes of Q-tips, sunscreen packets, chapstick, and dental hygiene products. Dollar Tree, Amazon, and Walmart are good places to get these things.
Once we know when I will be holding the drive, I can present the information about the drive at Monday morning meeting for the middle school and I can arrange a meeting so that I can present the information to the high schoolers as well. If possible I would like the drive to last 3 weeks in order to collect as many toiletries as possible. I would then take these toiletries to Dawn Worrall and she will include them in care packages that will be sent to deployed military throughout the year as well as a large send-off of packages at Christmastime.
To collect the toiletries my mom and I will bring large bins to the school. If they fill before the end of the drive, my mom will come to collect what is in the bins during and at the end of the drive. I would like to announce or relate to everyone at the end of the drive how much was collected and to thank everyone for contributing.