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Board Finalizes Strategic Plan 2025

During the last several years, Saint George’s leadership team, Board of Trustees, and school community have been updating the school’s Strategic Plan. The school is focused on financial sustainability due to increased expenses, lower enrollment (fewer international students), increasing compensation and benefits, and rising costs of utilities, fuel, benefits, etc.

Our new strategic plan identifies several goals to increase overall tuition revenue and cut costs while hiring, retaining, and developing our teaching expertise. At the same time, we must increase development/fundraising initiatives and identify alternative revenue sources.

The Saint George’s School Strategic Plan – Soaring to Success 2025 has been designed with specific goals to address our short-term needs and challenges, while bolstering the long-term viability of the institution during a time of rapid change and external pressures we have not experienced before.

We encourage you to view the Strategic Plan – Soaring to Success 2025, which is also available in the Parent Portal on the school’s website. We look forward to working together with our school community to position SGS for a bright future for our students and future Dragons!


Jamie Tender
Head of School

Pam Kohlmeier, MD, JD, FACEP
Board Chair