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“Art Madness” Narrows Down Top Public Art in Spokane

The Lower School students have voted on their favorite public artworks in Spokane, and the winners have reached the Final Four. The bracket pits public murals versus public sculptures. See a Photo Gallery of the artworks in the bracket (on display in the Art Building’s entryway) and read more About Each Artist.

The Sweet Sixteen winners (and vote totals) from the first round of voting included:

Justin Gibbens and Will Bow 82 > Matt Smith 13
Melissa Cole 65 > Lisa Soranaka and Eric Parker 30
Todd and Cain Benson 56 > Addison Karl 39
Tom Quinn 54 > Daniel Lopez 41
Ken Spiering 48 > Sister Paula Turnbull 47
George Tstuakawa 61 > Dave Govedare 34
Harold Balazs 76 > Roger Berry 19
Peter Forakis 40 > Beth Cavener 55

The winners for Elite Eight spots are:

Justin Gibbens and Will Bow 49 > Melissa Cole 48
Tom Quinn 55 > Todd and Cain Benson 42
George Tstuakawa 54 > Ken Spiering 43
Harold Balazs 62 > vs Beth Cavener 35

Matchups for the Final Four are:

Justin Gibbens and Will Bow vs Tom Quinn (for top mural)
Harold Balazs vs George Tsutakawa (for top sculpture)

Look for updates of which artworks make it to the next level of the competition!