Traditions & Activities

Based on trust, freedom, and celebration

The Upper School appeals to curious students who value their academic freedom. Community is inherent in the design. The classrooms center around a courtyard, providing a focal point for meetings and activities. Two aspects that visitors notice immediately are the lack of class bells and the open lockers. Students move between classes on their own, without the regiment of bells. It is a tangible manifestation of the ownership our students take of their own educations. The open lockers evidence the trusting nature of our community.

School opens with the Dragon Dance, an age-old tradition to celebrate the return of our students. Newer events include the crazy spirit contests of Homecoming Week (including Human Foosball!), the Holiday Feast in December, and the fundraising and spirit-raising activities with rival Northwest Christian that are part of the "Battle for the Holy Grail."  These have joined established student favorites – canoeing down the Little Spokane, performing a Broadway musical, and cheering until they are hoarse at basketball games in the school’s Errol Schmidt Athletic Center.

Seniors mark their graduations with the longest-standing tradition at the school. For nearly 60 years, graduates have crossed the Graduation Bridge in blue blazers or white dresses, marking the transition from Saint George’s to college.