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5th Grade Hosts Art Gallery

The 5th graders presented their end-of-year Art Exhibit on May 31 in the Arts Building. See a Photo Gallery of the culmination of a full year of arts education for these creative Dragons!

“In September, each 5th grader chose a medium to focus on,” explains Lower School art teacher Jennifer Davenport. “There was a lot of variety in the choices: drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, embroidery, print making, knitting, and more. We spent four months experimenting and building our skills in our chosen medium and documented our work in our sketchbooks. In January, we took some time to research a contemporary artist that also works in that medium and created a PowerPoint presentation full of interesting information about them. We started asking questions about what we wanted our art to be about and what we wanted to communicate through our art. Those questions guided us as we brainstormed potential designs. Over the next twelve weeks, we worked on creating our final exhibition piece and artist statement, which we displayed at the exhibition on May 31st.”