Saint George's School thanks the following individuals who made gifts to the school in honor or in memory of loved ones from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. 

In Honor of

In Honor of Austin and Axel Lawson
Tyson S. Bostrom

In Honor of Declyn and Dempsey Lawson
Tyson S. Bostrom

In Honor of Lilly Glennie
Gene and Carol Kicha

In Honor of John and Rose Radcliffe
Patricia Radcliffe

In Honor of John Blake
William and Mimi Gates 

In Honor of John Nord
Cameron and Annie Turner '92

In Honor of Cindy Mahan
David and Jill Christiansen

In Honor of Molly and Patsy O'Brien
Pete and Carol O'Brien

In Memory of

In Memory of Philip H. Stanton
Andrea Voinot '73

In Memory of Bill and Rhoda Zobrist
William F. Zobrist III '71

In Memory of Wanda Cowles
James P. Cowles

In Memory of Katherine Fix and John Nissen
Harold J. Fix '79

In Memory of Frances and Eugene Coan
Doug Ford and Lindsey Coan-Ford

In Memory of John Marks
John and Sandra Hoye '65

In Memory of Mary Lee Ross
Brian and Anne-Marie Poole

In Memory of James McCluskey
Sara and Joshua Smith

In Memory of Albert Peter Nittolo
Steven and Laura Nittolo

In Memory of Stuart and Colleen Patton
Julie and Taylor Reichel

In Memory of Larry Holloway
Paul and Kim Clark

In Memory of Harriet Fix
William C. Fix